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What’s something you wear that looks professional, casual, and stylish all in one? A shirt? A jacket? A coat? Nope, a blazer! Blazers are a must have for all seasons, all occasions, and all outfits. Both men and women should bless their wardrobe with blazers. I highly suggest getting a black, a white, and a navy blazer simply because they’re versatile and match pretty much anything. Once you get used to mixing and matching blazers, then I would recommend experimenting with other colors.

If you haven’t already noticed, blazers can take an outfit from “eh” to “boooo-yah”. No matter if you’re wearing a skirt, slacks, or jeans, it can pull your outfit together and bump it to the next level. Let’s take my outfit for example, if I removed my blazer I would still have personality in my outfit, due to my boots, BUT my blazer makes me look more like “I’m trying to chill but I need to handle some business while trying to look effortlessly chic” at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a blazer needs to go with everything, but if styled properly, you’ll turn heads.

So talk to me in the comments below. Do you wear blazers? Are you more on the safe side with the colors of your blazers or do you choose more eye catching colors?

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IMG_9912 IMG_9906


H&M White Blazer- Similar || F21 Cami || Levi’s Distressed Jeans || Charlotte Russe OTK Boots – Similar || Arden B (Now Wet Seal) Purse || MAC “Matte Royal” Lipstick


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