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Business Services

Business services are specifically geared towards colleges and universities, businesses and companies of all sizes including: start-up businesses, individual sales businesses (MaryKay, AVON, Herbalife, Advocare, Pop-Up Shops, Trunk sales, etc.), and major corporations specializing in all lines of work (banking, consulting, healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, etc.). I am here to help you and your employees ensure that the faces of the companies are professional and presentable to all customers and clients.

Company Presentations

Company presentations include Simple Sassy Sultry Styling & Consulting visiting your company and giving a presentation on proper wardrobe etiquette in the workplace. Ideally, the presentation(s) will be given during orientation week, but can be presented when it best fits the company’s vision.

Company presentations can also include presenting at colleges/universities for business professionalism courses

Small Group (Organization) Presentations

Small group presentations are catered toward your specific need for your group, whether that is: professionalism, how to improve your appearance, or whatever comes to mind.

Small groups include no more than 15 people and small organizations can include college/university organizations or community organization

Also for in home events like: book clubs, sales meetings, ladies night out events, etc

Community Workshops

Community workshops are generally weekend events. Anyone is able to register and attend. Each workshop will target a specific aspect of your image that we will work on improving. Workshops will be led by a presentation and followed by time to do one-on-ones for additional improvements.

Stay on the lookout for announcements of workshops


Seminars will include Simple Sassy Sultry Styling & Consulting visiting a city near you to instruct you on how much your image truly matters in your business life as well as your private life and to assist you on improving your overall image.

Stay on the lookout for announcements of seminars in a city near you