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high-waist-cropped-sweater-2I. All posts are written by me, Raven | Simple Sassy Sultry, unless noted otherwise as a “Guest Contributor:”.

II. Please give me credit for using anything on my website for your personal or business use, as I do and will continue to do the same.

III. I am not a certified personal trainer or certified health instructor however, I share fitness & health tips and advice through my personal experiences.

IV. When writing reviews, I will always give my honest opinion. I will not sugarcoat or fabricate anything for the sake of your product. I want to maintain my honesty and remain truthful to my readers.

V. If a post is sponsored, it will be obviously stated in the title and will be displayed at the end of the post. All opinions are my own and will be displayed as so.

VI. Guest bloggers MUST have content related to fashion or style. I have the right to deny or request any revisions of submitted posts. If interested email me at 

VII. If you are a PR company or a brand that is interested in my services, definitely contact me at:

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