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Everyone remembers the bell sleeves, bell bottoms, jumpsuits, and bra-less outfits from the 70’s right? Or how about the edgy, “in your face” fashions from shows like Good Times, Charlie’s Angels, The Brady Bunch, etc? This time around, the sexy seventies is back and poppin’.

Fashion is a cycle that constantly repeats itself. One season we will be rocking trends from the 40’s and the next we will be wearing trends from the 80’s. Each season that a past trend is resurfaced, it will have a “modern twist” to it. I decided channel my inner foxy 70’s diva by wearing a crop top + culottes.

Normally I wouldn’t go for culottes because I never liked how they looked but, this time I wanted to give them a try just for the sake of it and believe it or not, I LOVE them. I really like how they hug my waist perfectly and the free feeling that I get from the waist down, due to the wide legs. I’m going to have so much fun re-styling these culottes.


Let’s talk: Have you created recently recreated any of the trends from the 70’s? What’s your favorite piece from that decade?

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F21 Crop Top || F21 Culottes || Guess Cut-Out Sandals || MAC “Heroine” Lipstick || F21 Necklace || F21 Cuff|| Charming Charlie Earrings


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