Simple Sassy Sultry | Guest Contribution: Beckley’s Style Guide
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Guest Contribution: Beckley’s Style Guide



My idea of style changed on a New Year’s trip to NYC (no, I wasn’t swag swiping). While out shopping, I noticed a mannequin dressed fairly spiffy. The outfit consisted of a scarf and overcoat. It was simple yet instrumental in my thinking. My motto became less is more.

In recent years, my attention to detail has taken a step up. A slight change can be the accentuation of an entire wardrobe. When it comes to style, being in balance and being harmonious is often overlooked. You should want to be in balance with your dressing, as well as being harmonious. Being in balance is structural and being harmonious has more of a flow. A poncho is harmonious but not necessarily balanced; where as a suit is balanced. The key is remembering that even the slightest imbalances bring attention to details.


Many people have been incorporating layers on layers and flashier colors into their wardrobes as of late. However, there is a fine line between being stylish and overkill–simplicity will set you free! As opposite of the trust as this sounds, you want to blend in. Utilizing primary colors is a great way to mix and match while pulling your outfit together. Be weary of colors that clash with your skin tone.

I’m a big fan of winter attire; coats are a mystery. Although they cover your entire body, it’s best to leave people guessing at what’s underneath. I love scarves and what they can add to a wardrobe. Scarves are like shoelaces, they tie together loose ends. When stepping out of the house wrapped in an intricate scarf, you can expect a few compliments and requests to be featured in the next issue of Italian Vogue.


Ryan Beckley

CEO/Creative Director of OMG!

Instagram: ryan.beckley


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