Simple Sassy Sultry | Guest Contribution: Trend(end)ing
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Guest Contribution: Trend(end)ing


As a guest blogger, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Joe. J to the o e. I want to start off by giving a little glimpse of my persona and my personal style. I would consider my style as modern sophisticated; it’s a splash of professional urban wear, a dash of fitted gear, and a minor dose of simplicity. Enough of me, let’s get to the main focus of today: the ins and outs of today’s trends…


Fitted wear, I repeat FITTED; not skinny, please. As men, (ladies acceptable) we need to leave skinny jeans alone. Putting yourself in nerve damaging situations and uncomfortable fits isn’t cool… the trend is over bro. _DSC0091

Another trend from 2015 that should be left there is…joggers. Did we really, as a society, try to make sweats fashionable? C’mon they’re sweats. They’re something you wear when you need to run to the store or around the house when you want to feel cozy; not something you choose to wear and coordinate a full outfit, but hey that’s just me. Did I forget to mention that they’re called JOGGERS… how many people have you seen wear them and actually are jogging? I rest my case…the trend is over bro.  _DSC0099

Let’s switch gears to some ins as opposed to outs. When it comes to my modern sophisticated style, my go-to’s are brown or tan loafers. Loafers are the perfect pair of shoes for the simplistic fly look.


Don’t get me wrong, with the right outfit you, can pull off the modern sophisticated look with new balances or fresh Jordan’s. Another go-to is a nice fitted polo. The plus in wearing a polo is being able to color coordinate them with expressing yourself or just merely to show off your style. When it comes to me, I usually go for something that expresses my vibe, if I’m wearing something bright, you can probably catch me in a pretty good mood.


To conclude, these are my opinions based solely on how I dress. If you don’t like or feel comfortable in what you’re wearing… don’t wear it. No one can tell you what makes you feel comfortable, so just do you and be happy.


Feel free to check me out on Instagram @joe_keitt_ccu









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