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Impromptu- done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed… 

If you can recall, one of Pantone’s Fall 2016 colors is Bodacious. Bodacious is a “bright, rich purple, with hints of a more sophisticated pink”. Today I’m wearing a similar shade that I call Almost Bodacious.

This Fall, we aren’t expected to wear the traditional fall colors. We are allowed to embrace the boldness and rock the loud colors. The colors themselves will make and define your outfit. You don’t have to have excessive styling or include excessive accessories to what you wear because the colors will standout.

The more you add to the already vibrant colors, the better chance that you will have a clashing outfit. Statement jewelry should be avoided. In this case, less is more. Simply stick to the classic gold and/or silver jewelry.  Hence, this is why I’ve complemented my blouse with a simple gold tiered necklace, but I’ve brought out excitement within my shoes.

As I always say, shoes can make your outfit POP or FLOP. So when you decide to wear more vivacious, vibrant and vivid colors, you have to try your hardest to wear shoes that 100% set off your outfit. You shouldn’t just look appealing from your head to your ankles. PLEASE, make sure your shoes are on point as well.

Remember, every where is runway, every minute is a fashion show, and there’s always a chance of running into someone that you know.

*These photos were definitely not planned, but I just felt so fabulous I couldn’t resist posting them:)*

impromptu-4impromptu-3  impromptu-8

The Limited Tunic | Levi’s Jeans | Jessica Simpson Pumps 


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