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Lacy + Tobi


What is it about lace that makes it so sexy and appealing? Is it the openings of the fabric that leaves the right amount of skin showing to give it a sexy illusion? Could it be the person wearing the lace that embodies sexy and they magically makes everything sexy at their touch? Or maybe it’s a little of both…

I must admit, lace and I have never seen eye to eye. Every time that I happen to run across something cute and lacy, it has never allowed me to channel my inner sexy. But this time, Tobi has changed my life.

While browsing their site, my goal was to find a couple of new dresses to add to my fall “going out/lounge/club” wardrobe. I chose a typical “Raven dress” (Olive Oil + Tobi) and I decided to take a chance and try this sexy, risque blue lace dress.

I like to try things out of my comfort zone to be able to say, “I tried it, but I didn’t like it”. This time, I wasn’t able to say I didn’t like it. I actually LOVE it. Let me tell ya’ll, this deep v-neck bodycon, oozes sex appeal and it makes you feel that you are a celebrity in your own right.

The new and improved LBD (little (black) blue dress) fits me so perfectly, it’s like it was made for only for me(yeah I know it’s clearly made for me and everybody else who buys it, right? haha). The dress accentuates my curves and even gives my arms a sense of spice with the gorgeous lace patterns.

Sexy is in and you should hop on over to Tobi to find your sexy from their big selection of party dresses. The blue lace dress is now on sale for only $35, if you’re interested in getting one of your own. And if it’s your first order with Tobi, you get 50% off your first order–awesome right?

Don’t miss out 🙂



Tobi Lace Dress | Shoe Carnival Sandals | JLo Earrings | MAC “Matte Royal & Heroine” Lipstick

Thanks to Tobi for sponsoring this post (disclaimer) opinions are my own 🙂



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