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No Facts Matter + Prolifik by Design

Everyone loves a sarcastic, funny, and interesting graphic tee, especially the ones we can relate to. People also love a one-of-a-kind tee that isn’t easily found in places like H&M or Forever 21. Well check this out, I have a graphic designer/illustrator who creates his artwork by hand and translates them to the computer and puts his work “to life” via tees and practically anything else you can think of.

Prolifik by Design aka Quinton specializes in any type of graphic designs from logos, to cartoon comic strip illustrations, to t-shirt designs and all others in between.

Since we’re on the subject of t-shirts. Isn’t mine funny? It reads, “No Facts Matter”, simply because nowadays people don’t care what’s factual or fiction anymore. Our favorite celebrities and “important figures” seem to be consumed in telling lies, lies, and more lies. No matter if the truth is clear as day, they still go out of their way to walk around the truth to keep the lies pouring out.

If you like this shirt and are interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can purchase it here: “No Facts Matter” Tee.

Prolifik by Design or pXd ‘s other Tees can be checked out via his website.

To view his illustrations and creative step-by-step processes can be viewed via his Instagram.

And other exclusive things can be checked out on his Facebook.

*Working with Prolifik by Design, has been great! You are notified step by step on when the order has been accepted, shipped, and you even get a tracking number AND a mapped location when the merchandise has arrived at the destination. This company does a fantastic job with keeping you updated on your purchases*


Thanks to Prolifik by Design for sponsoring this post (disclaimer) opinions are my own 🙂

Prolifik by Design Tee || LC Lauren Conrad Jeans {Kohl’s} || BCBG Wedges

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