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Where the Wind Blows (4)

Cute outfit–check. Nice pumps–check. Perfect shade of lipstick–check. Hair on point–check check.  Beautiful, sunny day–check. Wind blowing non-stop– womp. I thought I had the perfect day to have a photo shoot however, the wind was telling me otherwise. My beautiful tresses kept wanting to blow in my face 🙁 .

Enough ranting, let’s talk about my favorite article of clothing. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint: it fits tight and makes your booty look right.

It’s a pencil skirt!!! I love pencil skirts or maybe I love skirts in general. However, I prefer pencil skirts to other skirts because they’re diverse. It makes it easier to go from the office to the mall or from church to a concert. You can’t wear jeans everywhere. You can’t wear mini skirts everywhere. Maxi skirts look too casual in comparison to a pencil skirt and a-line skirts, in my opinion, are skirts that you wear on a special occasion. You can dress down an a-line skirt but to me, they always give off the “I’m dressy” vibe. Another reason why I would wear a pencil skirt everyday of the week is because it shows off my physique. As long as I have a good body, I’m going to show it off. If you got it flaunt it. As ladies, we shouldn’t be afraid to wear clothing that accentuates our curves.

So tell me in the comments  what’s your favorite type of skirt? & Outfit details are below !

Where the Wind Blows (3)

Where the Wind Blows (7)



Banana Republic Tank | F21 Pencil Skirt | Candies Pumps | Anne Klein Watch | Steve Madden Sunglasses | Aldo Purse | MAC “Flat Out Fabulous” Lipstick


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