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Pink Friday


Sometimes other people’s closets are more fun than your own right? I know I find myself looking in people’s closets, out of habit, and say “OOooOo I like this. Can I wear it one day?” or I may say, “When you outgrow this, can I have it?” I may be the only one who does that, but hey, other people pick up pieces that I probably would overlook without even knowing.

Isn’t my blazer beautiful? It’s eye catching, bold, and “in your face” . I can’t take credit and say that I found this in the store, but I can take credit for taking it out of my mama’s closet and making it my own (haha). I’m sorry I couldn’t resist, but this blazer looked just like Raven.

When deciding to wear this blazer, I needed to find other pieces to compliment the blazer, but not overshadow it. Black shoes would have been too “hard” with the boldness of the blazer and if I wore shoes the same color as one of the colors in the blazer it would have clashed too much. The best color shoes to wear were a shade of brown/tan.

I immediately decided that I needed another pair over the knee (otk) boots. I ran across these fly taupe boots from Charlotte Russe for only $25. I scored a major deal with these beauties. If you don’t shop at Charlotte Russe, I suggest you start. At least twice a year they have a $25 boot sale (used to be $20), you can find boots that look stylish with the look of an expensive pair.


So in the comments below, let me know if you shop other people’s closet too or is it just me?

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Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.


Cynthis Rowley Blazer (TJ Maxx) || F21 Jeans || Charlotte Russe OTK Boots




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