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Work Wear: Royalty


Purple is the color of royalty, which explains why I fell in love with this dress and why purple is my favorite color. You will never guess how much I snagged this dress and these gorg heels for… 

Gah, I love sales and during Labor Day, I was able to grab this Jennifer Lopez dress for only $28 and these beautiful Jessica Simpson sandals for only $17. I refused to turn my back on these steals. Holidays are my favorite times of the year…primarily for shopping.

Aside from this trendy office outfit that will be turned casual, I’ll go ahead and state the obvious of my new site layout. Do you like it? During my hiatus, I decided to do a revamp of Simple Sassy Sultry and viola, here it is.

Now that I’m back, and for good, I’m ready to produce some great content and keep you all on the edge with some new styles, new clothing, and most importantly, new shoes.

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Jennifer Lopez Dress | Jessica Simpson Sandals | “Flat Out Fabulous” MAC Lipstick


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