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Specialty Consultations

Special occasions generally occur once in a while and it’s pretty much a big deal. Sometimes you only get one chance to look your best or if you’re lucky, you’ll get another chance another year. Let us help you land the perfect look for your holiday party, wedding party, dream vacation, or what ever your special event may be.

Lifestyle Styling

Is your 9-5 career, full-time mommy life, or recent weight-loss making it difficult to stay fashionable and stylish? Or are you someone whose wardrobe is in a completely different age group?

The lifestyle consultation is geared towards individuals who need assistance with creating looks based on their careers and lifestyle. I will assist on using the same clothing for day to night outfits, purchasing new pieces that can be worn on and off the clock or on and off mommy duty, and also finding more age appropriate outfits to keep you looking tastefully young.  

Eventful Styling

Let’s say you have a huge event coming up and you have no idea on where to begin with outfit choices. You want something that makes your flawless skin pop and something that goes with the theme of the event.

My eventful styling service will meet all of the criteria for your specified event. I’ll style you so well that you’ll have to think twice about outshining the guest of honor.

Vacation Styling

Is it time to soak up some sun and feel the ocean breeze or is it time for bundling up with some mountain action.

Regardless of your destination, I will assist you with proper clothing needed to be comfy and stylish during your vacation. Off season vacations doesn’t mean we can’t still find you perfect summer outfit in the winter or vice versa.

International Travel Styling

Are you going on an extended vacation or a long business trip to another country?

Check out my international travel styling. I will assist you on what not to wear and what to wear for the country you are planning to visit. As a tourist, you still want to be courteous of the country you are visiting and you don’t want to offend their culture. In addition, we will discuss certain forms of body language to avoid.

Photography Styling

Pictures last a lifetime and are worth a thousand words. Let me assist you in making the memories worthwhile with the perfect styling for your photographs. Nothing says the perfect picture more than the perfect outfit.