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Strength Training

Strength Training

During my workout this morning I kept thinking to myself, what should I discuss today since it’s Fitness Saturday. It finally dawned on me while doing planks that I should talk about strength training and the importance of it. I’ll also share some of my favorite strength training workouts that’s great for home and the gym with or without dumbbells.

Cardio is good but strength training is better. Doing cardio alone will burn calories and help you shed weight BUT not as quickly as strength training will help you burn calories and build muscles. You may not see changes in the scale with strength training but it’s okay because your fat is turning into muscle and once you build muscle mass, who cares what the scale reads.

Strength training is composed of different categories of workouts including: weight machines, free weights (dumbbells & barbells), resistance tubing, and body weight. When doing strength training, it’s good to do it 3-4 days a week for at least 30 or 45 minutes. You will see results fairly quickly and you will see improvements in your strength. Make sure each session, you’re pushing yourself to increase the amount of weights each time.

Elbow-PlankPlanks: One of my favorites 🙂 It strengthens and tightens your core. Planks are great for your posture and I promise you’ll feel rejuvenated after doing these. It looks easy but it’s not that easy to hold this position for a while. For beginners, my advice is to start off holding yourself in the plank position for 15 seconds. As the weeks go by increase by 5 seconds. Pretty soon you’ll reach your 2 minute mark.


side plank

Side Planks: These are good for strengthening your arms, wrists, shoulders, legs, thighs–basically your whole body. Side planks are also great for testing and training your balance. Again, start off at 15 seconds and increase by 5 seconds as the weeks go by.

wall squat

Wall Squats: These are great for strengthening your booty, legs, and quads. You honestly can do any variation of a squat, but I prefer wall squats. Try to sit as low as you can to have your legs at a 90 degree angle and hold for as long as you can. I generally do these to one of my favorite songs so while my legs are burning, I don’t focus on the burn and I sing along. –The length of time increases over time.

Walking Lunge

Lunges: Also perfect for your quads, legs, booty, and hamstrings. Lunges help with your balance. You can do walking lunges or in place lunges; whatever your preference is. Don’t rush when you do these, take your time because you don’t want to lose your balance. I normally do 30 for each leg but you do what suits you best.


Remember: If it doesn’t challenge you; it doesn’t change you

  • Denise
    Posted at 16:54h, 09 January Reply

    This is nice, I totally agree with you about strength training. Plus like you mentioned I noticed the inches loss in my clothes before the changes. On the scale. I enjoy your post and keep sharing.

    • Raven | Simple Sassy Sultry
      Posted at 17:18h, 09 January Reply

      Yes lost inches are great! Toning up is better than losing weight have still having unwanted body fat.
      Keep up the workout routine <3

  • Angela
    Posted at 17:17h, 09 January Reply

    Hi Raven I really enjoy the post this week on fitness because I love working out and I can relate to everything you mentioned. I haven’t tried the side plank because it looks hard, but I will start working it into my fitness routine.

    • Raven | Simple Sassy Sultry
      Posted at 17:20h, 09 January Reply

      Please start; side planks are great for you. The first few times are difficult but by the third go round you’ll be good at it.

      Let me know once you do it how it goes. <3

  • Gabrielle Crystal RoseBonniee ~
    Posted at 17:42h, 09 January Reply

    I really love working out! ♥ ♡ Ziaja review ♡

  • Mischelle
    Posted at 09:41h, 10 January Reply

    My workout is pretty much strength training! I only do 15 minute cardio once a week LOL I love it! Great post 🙂

  • Siffat Haider
    Posted at 00:48h, 12 January Reply

    I barely ever do cardio, but I love strength training and heavy lifting. It may result in a higher number on the scale, but muscle weighs more than fat!

  • Zarrah
    Posted at 06:18h, 12 January Reply

    I always love strength training.
    I think it’s a great full body workout especially if you want to tone your muscles.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

    • Raven | Simple Sassy Sultry
      Posted at 22:23h, 12 January Reply

      Yessss! So true! I always do 3 reps of at least 20 to make sure I’m feeling the burn in whichever muscles I’m doing.

  • Rita
    Posted at 14:04h, 12 January Reply

    Enjoyed reading this post as I am crazy for workouts. I do it everyday and it feels great! 🙂

    Rita |

    • Raven | Simple Sassy Sultry
      Posted at 22:19h, 12 January Reply

      I’m happy you enjoy reading this Rita. I wish I had the energy to go every day haha; I only go 4 days a week at least.

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