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Wine (5)

Hey ya’ll 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope your week is going great too! Today I want to discuss stepping out of your comfort zone.

Reason being is because I despise long sleeves and long tops. I actually dislike wearing jackets and coats as well, but I know I have to. Normally, I go for fitted items. I don’t like things hanging off of me because I feel as if I’m wearing a lamp shade haha. However, I am a firm believer of expanding your horizons and trying something that you would never wear.

Whenever I go shopping with my clients and we’re looking for new items for their wardrobe or choosing something for a special occasion, I always bring them a couple of items to try on that they have already deemed to be hideous or that they would never see themselves in. I do this because most times what looks best on us is something out of our “norm” and it also opens your eyes to not being so quick to stick to what you know.  15 times out of 10, my clients love the “out of the ordinary pieces” and they begin to let down their guard and are WILLING to expand their wardrobe.

Shopping is almost like trying new foods. You want to try something new, but when you already know what tastes good to you and what looks good on you, it’s hard to venture away. I promise once you become open-minded, your style will increase by 50 points.

Outfit details are below & tell me in the comments if you’re a safe person when it comes to shopping or if you tend to venture out the the normal clothes you wear.

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Old Navy Tunic  || LC Lauren Conrad Bootcut Jeans || Charlotte Russe Booties || Wine Scarf || Aldo Purse || MAC Matte Royal

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